The Old Old Timers Club was founded in 1947 by a group of amateurs who
had played a part in laying the foundations of electronic communications.

The requirement for membership was 2-way communication by wireless 40
or more years prior to 1947.  At that time the members were "spark"
operators in 1907 or earlier when there was no licensing authority. The
requirements have continued to this day - two-way wireless communication
by CB, amateur, military or commercial means 40 or more years ago.

OOTC also maintains a Students Educational Assistance Fund.
The invested fund is used to award cash scholarships to worthy
radio amateurs pursuing college level course leading to degrees.

Since 1947 and today, to be a full member you must have a amateur
license at the time of the application.  Associate membership is available
to anyone not having a amateur license today but qualifies otherwise.  
The initiation fee is $10 and dues are $16 a year U.S.. $18 international
(no U.S. zop code).  When joining, pay initiation plus one year dues. 

When you join you will have membership for life.  Continued payment of dues
is not mandatory but the member may not receive mailed copy of Spark-Gap
Times and will not receive a ballot.  However, "dues paid for life" is available
and insures full member privileges.  "Life Dues"  is available to new members
for initiation fee $10 plus (or to existing members) for the following:
Under age 75 $250., 75 to 79 $200., 80 to 84 $150., 85 to 89 $100.,
90 to 94 $50., 95 or over FREE, send application

OOTC is a international organization and has issued over 4600 memberships,
each is assigned a dedicated membership number in our records.

We publish a journal "Spark-Gap Times" 3 or 4 times a year carrying
information on OOTC activities, historical information and data, information
on the lives and activities of OOTC members.

OOTC is incorporated in the State of Rhode Island.

73, Bert, W5JNK, 3191 Darvany Dr. Dallas TX 75220-1611

Explore the OOTC website -  ootc.us

HQ email - ootc@ootc.us