OLD OLD TIMERS CLUB

                           2007 QSO PARTY

OBJECT: To have fun and promote good will by making
contact with
as many OOTC member stations as possible.
Non-Member stations work
OOTC members only.
Member stations can work everyone.

CONTEST PERIOD: 4th full weekend of April. Start at
0000Z on 4/28,
end on 23:59Z on 04/29.

CONTEST EXCHANGE:  OOTC member stations send
signal report
and member#.  Non-member stations send
signal report and State.

SCORING: Count each non-duplicate QSO as 1 point,
per band.

SUGGESTED FREQUENCIES:  CW - 3545 7045 14045
21045 28045.

SSB - 3875 7280 14280 21380 28380.  No WARC bands,
or VHF bands.

MISCELLANEOUS:  Call signs and exchange information
must be received by
each station for a complete QSO.
Stations may be worked once per mode, per band.

REPORTING:  All contest claims done on the honor-
system.  Report totals
to contest manger within 30 days
of the contest completion.  You may report

contest totals via:


    c/o Mark Titterington W1EOF
    74 Hornet Rd
    North Kingstown, RI 02852

•    One member and one non-member with top point
     total each get a special
champion award.
•    All participants will be eligible to download a
     certificate.  If participant is
unable to download
     the certificate they can receive one by sending a large

     SASE to the contest manager.

Go to the OOTC site for more information about OOTC.